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一 教育类别(共13道): 1. In universities, people tend to concern more about the career prospect of the subjects they learn. Some people propose that students should learn subjects with a fast job growth including math, science, technology, and engineering even if they are interested in other subjects. Do you agree or disagree?选不同意:1.缺乏兴趣会导致同学们时间的浪费,对于未来的职业发展有着毁灭性的打击;2.学习自己感兴趣的领域更有利于未来的成功; 2.A lot of high school students now cheat in homework assignments, by asking other students for answers. Which of the following do you think is the most efficient way to stop?-asking parents to help stop the students from cheating-penalty or punishment to the students-asking teacher to create homework assignment that cannot be easily cheated选第三个:1.父母管不了,2.惩罚伤害学生的成长, 3.Most adults believe that modern children (5-10 years old) behave worse than those in the past. What action parents should take do you think will have the most positive effect on children to help them be have better like respecting and treating others kindly?1)limit the types of the TV programs and movies they watch2)spend more time talking with children3)supervise and monitor children while they are playing with their friends选第一个:1.孩子们很容易受到一些不好的电视节目的影响;2.父母太忙,没那么多时间和精力照顾孩子们;3.监管监督会侵犯孩子们的隐私,这会让孩子们无法意识到尊重隐私的重要性。4.The following two measures could be taken to help students adapt to the life in school, which one would you choose?1. Attending a one-week orientation or introduction program when you are in the university campus, and it will begin before you have the classes.2. Meeting regularly at your first year with a student in your major field who has entered the university for several years.选前者:1.参加orientation活动能够有机会结识更多的同学,从而扩大圈子;2.学校的orientation上也能够结识到很多学长,能够帮忙介绍校园环境等; 5.Which area the government should fund to improve children’s education?1)hiring more teachers to teach in a small class2)preschool education before kindergarten3)providing some training courses so that teachers can be more professional选第三个:1.小班教学没必要,孩子们需要更多的同伴才能培养各种能力;2.幼儿园之前的教育没必要,他们更需要的时间玩耍去激发他们的各种兴趣和享受童年;6.A government spends money on all adults after 25-year-old on a training course for the most up-to-date skills at workplace. Do you think it is effective?Why or why not?选择同意:1.有利于员工提升自己的竞争力,防止被社会淘汰2.政府能够提升他们在民众心目中的地位, 从而让他们未来的政策更好的实施;7.Agree or disagree: parents should give children pocket money as the reward for their academic progress.选择同意:1.激发孩子们的学习动力;2.孩子可以通过自己积累零花钱做爱做的事情; 8.If you are going to graduate from the university and have to choose the final course, which professor will you choose?The one you used to sign up for courses or the one you have never learned from before?选前者:1.更了解适应教授的教学方法,保证效率,2.和教授关系的进一步提升,有利于即将到来的就业,9.A city wants to help teachers of its high school students (age14-18)improve their teaching. It is considering two plans:1)Choose a small group of excellent teachers; these teachers will attend a class led by an expert for additional training in how to teach effectively, and they will then come back to their schools and provide that training for other teachers in school.2)Provide additional training in teaching effectively for high school teachers, using online material that each teacher will study individually. 选择第二个:1.描述第二点的好处:线上培训效率更高:思路展开:教师作为成年人有更好的自律和自控能力,能够有效的利用线上资源;且线上材料能够更加方面,不受各种因素的限制,后面可以铺垫细节:思考方向;什么培训课程,可以如何利用线上课程等等…;2.描述第一点的缺点;线下培训成本过高,思路展开:一般情况下,线下培训的成本会上线上成本的两倍甚至更高;而且还需要考虑,时间成本,来回的交通住宿成本等等,然后可以类别同学们参加语言培训的线上线下成本对比…10.As a student of university that has a long break between university semesters, the university requires all students to do one of the following for one month during the break:1)students must take a course on the subject that has no direct connection to their majors of study.2)students must volunteer to work in the city where the university is located or their hometowns to improve some aspects of life of the city or their own town.which one do you think is more beneficial for students in their university. Why?选第二个;1.改善城市,对社会作出直接有意义的帮助;2.培养社会责任感; 11. Sometimes we are assigned to work in a group on a project. Do your agree or disagree the following statement? The group will be helped more by members who are willing to do what other group members want them to do than by those who strongly insist that things should be done in a different way.选后者;1.更多创新的思想能够结合出来一个更完美的思想;2.不同的声音能够避免领导者犯错;12.At some universities, students take part in making decisions about the issues that affect daily life of everyone on campus, such as how many hours that the libraries should be open each day or what kinds of food should be served in the cafeteria. But at some universities, experts are hired to make these decisions, students almost never involved. Which approach do you prefer and why.选择大学生自己做决定;1.培养大学生们决策能力;2.大学生们更了解自己的需求;13.Students aged 13-18 are taught different subjects by different teachers while younger students are taught by only one teacher all day long. Some people suggest it would benefit young students to be taught by different teachers. Do you agree with this view? Why or why not?选择不同老师:1.减轻老师压力,不需要准备各种课程,身体压力也减轻;2.不同的老师擅长的领域也不同,能够更有效的帮助学生们;二 政府类别(共3道): 1.The government can take a variety of actions to help protect the environment. Which one of the following do you think is the most important for the nation's government to take to protect the environment.1)Fund the research to develop environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar and wind energy.2)Preserve the natural places like forests and protect the animals that live there.3)Enforce laws to prevent the pollution of air and water by large companies.2.Do you agree or disagree: people would meet many problems in their daily life and they would solve them by themselves or from the help of their families; the help from the government is not necessary?.不同意:可以拆分展开,1.人们的生活环境正在受到破坏,我们遇到这个问题,自己无法解决。只能依靠政府。描述政府都可以做什么事儿?例如:限行,禁止燃油车的生产,鼓励电车。对于工厂的处理,利用媒体去呼吁所有大众去改变行为;2.威胁社会稳定的因素,普通人解决不了,这些年闹的沸沸扬扬的uiuc女硕士被杀案件,俄亥俄超市枪击案等;3.The government is not doing enough to educate people about the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating.同意:题干表达的意思还是挺难展开的,建议采用拆分观点;1.对于学生来说,由于巨大的升学压力, 他们的生活方式并不够健康。2.对于职场人来说,由于巨大的生活和工作压力,他们的生活方式也不够健康。 二 生活类别(共2道):1.Do you agree or disagree: Sometimes people think that nowadays the media (TV, newspapers, and the Internet) are less concerned about the accuracy of news than in the past, and the incorrect information may cause more problems than it brings benefits to the public.选择同意: 题目的主干是个并列句,分别论证这两个部分; 1.媒体更关注网站点击率(website hit)去产生更多的收益;2.媒体的不良信息给大众确实带来了很多麻烦。例子细节描述虚假广告,明星的各种八卦新闻等等。 2.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Competition among friends usually has a negative impact on friendship. Use details and examples to support your opinion.选择不同意;这个题目如果单纯从推理论证的角度还是比较难的;如想到以下论点: 1.竞争能够促使朋友之间彼此的进步;2.不太容易想到啦~嘻嘻~但是如果拆分的话就不一样啦,可以拆分如下;1.对于学生而言,朋友之间的竞争能够促使彼此的学习成绩的进步;2.对于职场人而言,朋友之间的竞争能够促进能力和工作成就的提升; 四 价值判断类别(共2道):1.Some people have ambitious dreams and keep pursuing them, but other people always focus on realistic goals and try to achieve them. Which do you think is better and why?选前者;1.拆分学生,需要追寻梦;2.拆分科学家,也需要追梦;2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better for older people to take risks and explore new things than young people.选择不同意;1.年轻人更具备创新能力;2.年轻人更有勇气承担失败; 五 工作类别(共2 道): 1.In order to get a higher promotion and salary, many people chose to improve their job performance in two ways. Which one do you prefer? Why?-To do additional work and assignments-To actively participate in the group work选第一个:1.加班能够给公司带来直接的经济收益;2.团队工作的大部分成就都会归功于小组领导,个人能力无法被体现;2.Which one is the most important factor to help you work productively?Having an environment which is free of noise and distractionsKnowing that you will receive a rewardDoing something you are interested in. 选第三个;1.从事感兴趣的领域才能最大化激发工作热情和提升效率; 2.环境问题几乎已经被解决;3.很多时候,员工更注重工作所带来的成就感,而不是金钱;
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